Quarantine Zone...
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Quarantine Zone...
« on: April 28, 2020, 01:46:15 pm »

https://kraftzone.net/images/Kraftzone.net_Bonai_Island.jpg (fullsize)

Well I guess alot more of you are having to stay inside like me and we've all got a bit more free time, so the server is coming back.

At this point I think anyone's expectations of how long this stays up is anyone's guess.. until most of us aren't in isolation? Kraftzone's minecraft might aswel operate seasonally as and when right :D

I'm sure it will be up for at least a month or more, starting where it left off around the start of this year when it closed... it will be ready this friday for 1.15 with a few plugin changes/updates, and I've reset the main world (I know some stuff got built there but I'm not sure how much of it was worth saving?)

Maybe there is some 'fun' plugins for virus spreading, KZ hasn't got a hospital built in the city world for this virtual pandemic, and perhaps the Admin Shop might need to implement 2 meter distance rule for safe shopping... :D

See you all on the server then or discord  https://discord.gg/WrdpnWr

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Re: Quarantine Zone...
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2020, 09:38:40 pm »
Better enforce wearing masks; or the players will banned. Safety comes first! Hey its not bad for everyone; some people are getting rich filling their pockets with cash while people cover their face. Not like disposable face masks have any merit when MILLIONS are FORCED to buy them.

Also; im afraid we are going to need to shut zone down until the vaccines are ready; we can''t have people spreading the virus and catching it multiple times on zone; Something bad could happen(maybe), but we can't take the ever so slightest of chances.   You know what that means!

Poorly produced needle shots for everybody! And the best part is; ITS NOT EVEN POLIO! just a common cold. Gotta be safe though!

I just hope another magic virus that can only be cured by vaccine and forces everybodys rights down the drain does not come by....