2015 Jan Updates
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2015 Jan Updates
« on: January 09, 2015, 09:35:39 am »
All servers updated to 1.8, for those who find 1.8 laggy I suggest trying out "1.8.2pre1"

For those without performance issues, I will have my modpack for 1.8 updated in the http://kraftzone.net/mclauncher pretty soon, so far it has:
X-ray mod

Just a few some more things to get working (Optifine and few other things), then I'll release it on the launcher. [Mod/Addons]>[Mod Packs]>[Check for updates]) It will show up when released.

Now that server is on 1.8 I can start adding back minigames and getting more plugins update, have been on the 1.7 for to long now, though no thanks to those clowns at Mojang.

Minigames added: Survival Games (need to set this one up again tomorrow), and Skyblock are back.

Also you all need to reprotect your chests/doors.. Again thank mojang for poor/buggy implementation of 1.7>1.8 sign conversion.
p.s Chest logging is on and bans will happen for those just out to cause trouble, try to be helpful and notify staff of unprotected chests to avoid lost items.

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